The Diagram Objects Notation Utility Tool () is a simple Sparx AE add-in used to change the notation (Actor, Circle & Rectangle) of several elements at once.

  1. Download the NotationUtility.dll add-in on your local drive and register the .NET assembly
  2. Add a new registry key using the following instructions where key= and value=
  3. Enable the Add-in in Sparx using the Add-in Manager.

Note that DONUT has been tested with version 12.x of Sparx EA.

  • If not done yet, save your current Diagram unless what DONUT will reposition all the Diagrams Elements to their previously saved positions.
  • Select several elements in the current Diagram (DONUT will not work if no diagram is currently active).
  • Go in the Add-ins menu, Select .
  • Apply the Notation (Actor, Circle or Rectangle) you wish to the selected elements

DONUT is really a plain and simple add-in, meaning no so much effort was put on the finishing.


Don't forget this license:

  1. DONUT is free of use, copy, integration in other software or any other usage.
  2. DONUT is offered with no warranty whatsoever and used at your own risk

By downloading DONUT you agree and are tied to these conditions.

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