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Mr. Cyrille Thilloy helps companies on various aspects of their IT needs ranging from architecture, to technology positioning and strategy. Cyrille is considered as an expert in EA, SOA, web, mobile and cloud technologies. Cyrille has a deep understanding of the IT markets and drivers and has a strong background in management, architecture and software development in various industries.

Previously, Cyrille was involved with InterTrade integrating value added services to the Cisco's Application Oriented Networking (AON) products line.

Previously, Cyrille temporally acted as of Chief Technologist of Canoe Inc., a regional leader in the online delivery of Canadian media content and services. Cyrille was then heading the design and development of a mixed Web-Oriented Architecture (WOA) and SOA platform for online content delivery.

Prior to that, Cyrille was Vice President Technology at Multiforce responsible for the development of SOA products and services where he crafted a comprehensive SOA development methodology.

In the past, Cyrille held the position of Chief Technology Officer at Netergy Networks Inc. (NASDAQ:EGHT), developing voice-over IP software and hardware components, and was also the co-founder, Vice President of Research and Development, and CTO of U|Force.

Cyrille has more than 25 years of experience as a consultant and advisor, providing innovative information technology solutions to a wide range of industries (media, telecommunications, financial services and government agencies).

Cyrille holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Sciences and Mathematics, as well as a Masters degree in Computer Sciences. Both degrees were attained at Laval University.

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