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Our practice is aimed to bring your IT to the next level, just by knowledge. Imagine what you could achieve by fully knowing your IT assets. From IT corporate plan, IT industrialization, Solution Architecture practice automation to more strategic goals like digital strategy or M&A we can help you leverage your IT assets as key to your business strategy.


Built on real cases with real customers, our methodology and accelerators will help you to gain a better visibility on your IT assets. Benefit from our expertise and reconquer knowledge of your IT realm. Leverage our maturity model, our templates, our dashboards and accelerators to really undertand your IT assets for better decisions making.


Can you tell the TCO of a specific technology or provider, your DRP coverage per solution, your customer reach per technology, the impact of a maintenance on a system? Those are typical questions you should be able to answer because you already own the information. We van help you to reveal and structure it to become your competitive KNOWLEDGE.


Most of our tooling is based on Sparx AE or Bizz Design: the best tools for Solutions Architecture. We are happy to contribute by regularly giving free add-ins. Enjoy our Diagram Objects Utility Notation Utility Tool, a free add-in for Saprx AE. But don't forget, it's not a matter of tooling. It's a matter of leveraging your IT assets and your knowledge of them.

Approach towards IT architecture automation

Maturity model


Our maturity model will help you assess your architecture practice.

And because it always starts with clear visibility on your IT assets, we will establish a common baseline.

Maturity model


From a clear visibility on your IT assets, we will help you define the anchor point to address your goals: from strategic planning, M&A support to practice automation.

Accelerator example


Our set of accelerators are aimed for specific needs: strategic planning (like building a digital strategy), M&A, IT governance, Requirements management, Release management, etc.

They will help you to kick-start, enhance or accelerate your initiative.



From a clear visibility of your IT assets, enjoy accurate devison making.

Getting ownership of our known-how for faster and better delivery has never been so easy through our onboarding program.

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